We operate the first and original of all the Crop Circle Tours, guiding seekers since 1994 ~ with hundreds of satisfied guests and many repeats!  Every tour is new! Come see, feel and experience the magic!

    Our main tour is operated by Dr Simeon Hein and our custom/private  day or two tours by Ron Russellhttp://www.cropcircletours.comCustom_Tours.htmlCustom_Tours.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

  Our Crop Circle Tours provide remarkably useful conditions to help you understand the mysteries of these special places. With research guidance in the field, and your own experiences you can now draw informed conclusions about causes and effect.

  These tours are great fun, memorable and exciting with culture, science, history, art and unique contact experience, all in beautiful Southern England!

  We’ll get you to all the old magical places. You’ll visit temples from the neolithic, gothic and magical crop circles daily. Small tour size from one, two or three days to one week. Week long tours are very comprehensive and have many more activities.

    Guest experts, good hotels & smart pubs! A wonderful and meaningful vacation! Ecumenical, educational and fun!  Too good to miss!

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